Triển khai thực hiện Đóng góp do quốc gia tự quyết định (NDC) cập nhật năm 2022

The report provides information on the status of import and export items of Vietnam wood in order to outline the macro picture on this activity in 2018. The report points out the strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities in the context of the industry are deeply integrated, comprehensive international market assess some trends in activity import and export of the sector in the future, and make recommendations some industry changes , aiming to contribute to industry development towards sustainability.

According to the statistics from the General Department of Vietnam Customs, Vietnam’s export turnover of wood and wood products (W&WP) in February 2019 achieved over US$401 million, and decreased by 8.28% compared with January 2019. In which, the export turnover of wood products reached nearly US$262 million, down 9.89% compared with the same period last year