Set - CH9561-CH9562-CH9563

* CH9561/ Sofa 1 seater:

Product size(cm):  83,5 x 81,1 x 65cm
Qty./ carton
: 1pc

Carton size(cm): 89x80x53 cm

Qty./cont 40'HC(pcs): 185

Assembly: KD

* CH9562/ Sofa 2 seaters:

Product size(cm):  83,5 x152,2 x 65cm
Qty./ carton: 1

Carton size(cm): 154x82x44 cm

Qty./cont 40'HC(pcs): 112

Assembly: KD

* CH9563/ Coffee table:

Product size(cm):  71 x 122 x 41,1cm
Qty./ carton
: set CH9590- CH9591

Carton size(cm): 131x80x15 cm

Qty./cont 40'HC(pcs): 440

Assembly: KD

Material: wood & cushion

Finishing: Brush wash

Make yourself comfortable in the outdoors and furnish your backyard with the outdoor sofas we offer at Cam Ha. You and your family and guests can take advantage of the views you have from your home by positioning an exterior sofa outside your home. Crafted with modern design and luxurious leisure in mind, including 1 table coffee, 2 sofas 1 seater, and 1 sofa 2 seaters, our generously proportioned outdoor bench invites you and your guests to sit and stay awhile. Its stylish details like the curved design of its back,  and a deep seat with oversized, cushions in white make this a substantial piece that will set the mood for sumptuous relaxation in your own great outdoors.